A New Venture


Today, on a bit of a whim, my wife and I decided to go visit friends of ours who just got a brand new, cute-as-a-button, lab puppy named Bodhi.  I took my camera along, thinking that it might be fun to get photos of a cute puppy.  I rarely get the chance to do that anymore, as our dog Dirk is as full grown as he's going to be, knows how to walk on all four paws, and has definitely lost that puppy enthusiasm that comes with being just a few weeks old.

In taking some photos of this adorable little furball, a thought crossed my mind.  I shoot photos of people in various stages of life.  I shoot engagement photos, have a maternity shoot booked in the next few weeks, and hope to get into weddings in the not-so-distant future.  I've shot family portraits, product photos, landscapes and events.  Why, then, have I not expanded this to taking photos of our four-legged friends?


So often we consider dogs (and cats, and turtles and birds) as members of our family, so it only makes sense that they should be included in family photos, right?  No matter what stage of their lives they're in, pets can make the best subjects to shoot because of their pure emotion.

 So if you're interested in having your furry friend in a nice frame sitting around your house, or you want to preserve the memory of Milo or Otis forever, click on the "contact" link in the upper right hand corner and let's get a shoot booked!  And, if you're interested in seeing more of Bodhi, just follow this link to the rest of the gallery.