Ryan and Lisa Preview | Ocean City, MD Engagement Photographer


Sometimes those words just have to be said and, while this wasn't so much the case for this trip (it had been planned weeks in advance), it was certainly a neccesity!  Through my wonderful wife, Lisa and her future-husband Ryan contacted me about an engagement shoot.  With a wedding coming up in just a few months, it was important for us to get the shoot done early enough that there was plenty of time in between the date and the wedding, but not so early that it was cold.

As we approached Ocean City, our hearts sank a bit.  The beautiful "70 degrees and Sunny" forecast that had been predicted was now being trumped by some mysterious fog.  I was generally concerned that we would end up in a John Carpenter flick!

Thankfully, we were at the beach for the entire weekend AND the fog gave us a really neat backdrop for the first day of the shoot!  The second day of the shoot was bright and sunny (before another mystery fog rolled in) and I was really happy with the shoot.

I'll have more photos in a few days, but for now, I hope you enjoyed this preview!