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Baby Addy's First Christmas | Pasadena, MD Baby Photographer

I don't need to tell you who this precious little Christmas Elf is, do I?  Seriously, how could you forget this little princess that started out adorable and just never stopped being so darn cute?  We had a lot of fun shooting for this year's Christmas card, and I hope that little Addy's parents are pleased with these photos because baby photos just don't get any cuter!

I'm not going to delay the rest of this preview.  On with the photos.

Baby Makenna | West Friendship, MD Newborn Photographer

Boy did we ever have a lively one at this shoot!  Never before have I seen a baby as young (and as my wife would say "So little!") as Makenna be so active and wide-awake.  Makenna knew where the camera was at all times and made sure to never take her eye off of it!  This precious little gal was a lot of fun to photograph, and I'm really happy with the way the shoot turned out.  I was a bit worried about the weather, because Makenna's mom had wanted to get a few shots outside, and it had been raining all day.  We lucked out, however, and were able to grab a little bit of sunlight to snag a few shots outside.  Click on "Click to read more..." for a small preview of the shoot!


Six Month Old, Ryder - Preview| Sykesville, MD Baby Photographer

Remember this little guy?  Tough to believe that was a few months ago, and little Ryder is almost six months old!  While driving home from a wonderful date night with my amazing wife earlier this week, I received a phone call from Ryder's mother, apologizing for the short notice (no notice is ever too short for a cute baby like Ryder) and asking if there was ANY way I would be able to squeeze in a session in the upcoming weekend.  Ryder was getting ready to tick past the half-year mark and, being the great parents that they are, Kate and Jeremy were hoping to squeeze in a shoot.  They were both in luck, as my Saturday morning was free and, more importantly, Mother Nature decided to grant us with an absolutely PERFECT weekend for a photoshoot!  Kate and Jeremy are really lucky to have such a well behaved, and absolutely adorable little boy, and I hope they enjoy the photos as much as I've enjoyed going through.  Follow through after the jump for a small preview.



Baby Addyson | Pasadena, MD Newborn Photographer

Remember this incoming bundle of joy?  Turns out it was actually a beautiful baby girl! (Who would have thunk it?)  I had a lot of fun with this shoot.  Turns out that shooting a 9-day old baby was pretty much like shooting a pile of playdough!  Baby Addyson prety much slept the entire length of the shoot and was very easily positioned for the shoot.  Micah and Amanda got a lot more photos than these but I wanted to, at the very least, get up a preview of the shoot for them to share with friends and family.  I'll have a few more posted after the "Click to Read More" link, so make sure you follow through!




Kate, Jeremy and Baby Ryder | Sykesville, MD Newborn Photographer

The greatest type of clients are those that come from referrals.  It was with great surprise and pleasure that I was recently contacted by friends of Micah and Amanda to see if I would be interested in shooting photos of their baby boy, Ryder.  Babies are an interesting subject to shoot because, depending on the age of the child, they're pretty much impossible to give directions.  With kids and adults, you can ask them to turn to one direction or another, or let them know that their smile looks fake, and they'll react.  With a baby, you can make odd noises and jingle your keys and hope that they smile (and that they didn't fart in the process).

The shoot started out with me getting lost.  I can't really follow directions too well, so I drove up and down their street for a few minutes before finally figuring out that their house was on the backside of their development.  If they had told me to look for the Steelers gnome, I would have found it in a heart beat!

It was nice to find some fellow Pittsburgh fans, and once I found that out, I decided that we had to work that into the shoot!  Thankfully, Ryder's father Jeremy had no shortage of Pittsburgh-related apparel.

Katie and Jeremy had done a little research, and knew a few styles of shots that they wanted to go for, so they had plenty of props on hand (I always love it when clients do that) and overall the shoot was a ton of fun!

I'll update this post once the family has had a chance to see all of the photos, but if you'd like to see more, there will be a few more at the bottom of this post.  If you would like to book me for a baby shoot, just click on "Contact Zach" in the top right-hand corner of any page and let me know!