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Daniel and Dara | Washington, D.C. Engagement Photographer

I wanted to try a little something different for this post, so I've included integrated content from my photo sales site, hosted by SmugMug.

Dara and Daniel were a real treat to shoot.  Daniel is a videographer and photographer from the D.C. Metro area, so it was a lot of fun to watch how a photographer reacts from the other side of the lens.

The weather was beautiful and the location that they picked for their engagement shoot was absolutely perfect for the photos.  Daniel was a big fan of creating scenes in his work, so we definitely worked that into some of their photos.  Both members of this happy couple were made to be in front of the camera, showing smiles that were designed for photography.  It was really great to see a couple that looked as happy as there were, and there's no doubt that the happiness is going to be what keeps this couple together through many years of happy marriage.