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Prints Now For Sale!

It occured to me that the majority of my photographic revenue comes from two things:

  • Freelance Work, which I'm contractually obligated NOT to sell; and
  • Session work, contracted by individuals, couples or families

I seem to be missing a third revenue stream that, with this post, I plan to remedy.  Starting today, I will be placing some of my work available for sale to the public.  Currrently, there is only one shot for sale, but as time goes on, I'll place more up for sale.

My first image for sale will be a landscape photo taken in McConnells Mill State Park in Pennsylvania.

This image can be found and purchased on SmugMug, or by clicking on the image above.  SmugMug is safe and secure, and I've yet to have a single customer give anything but praise for their quality of prints.  If you have any questions about purchasing a print, or suggestions for a print you would like to see made available, please don't hesitate to hit that contact link in the upper right-hand corner of the page!