You Should Really Think (Tank Photo) About This...

Receive a FREE CAMERA BAG from Think Tank Photo

Howdy Gang!

I've raved multiple times about each, and every, single, ThinkTankPhoto Product that I own, and I'm a huge fan of the way they operate their business.  Few companies are as friendly and good with their customers and fans, and TTP continues this with incredible deals and contests.  What am I talking about?

Our friends at Think Tank Photo have just made three announcements that I thought would interest you.

·         Free Shipping!  Yes, they’ve made it official that on all orders of $75 or more placed with Think Tank you will receive free shipping.  In addition, because you are my friend, when you click on this link you will also receive a free gift with your order!

·         $50 Rebate on the Airport 4-Sight rolling camera bag.  The Airport 4-Sight, Think Tank’s first four-wheeled roller, was released to popular acclaim.  Between now and the end of April 2013, when you order one of these popular rollers you will receive $50 back!  With the Airport 4-Sight Think Tank set out to design a more ergonomic roller to reduce fatigue and strain on traveling photographers. The result is the first four wheel roller designed specifically for photographers. It meets International airline carry-on standards. Weight has been dramatically reduced through innovative bag design and a strict focus on features that photographers identify as most beneficial. A lockable zipper provides security.

·         Lucky 13!  With this promotion, which runs through the end of April, every other day Think Tank will randomly pull the name of one lucky person who will win an Airport 4-Sight, a Sling-O-Matic 20, and a Change-Up multifunction belt pack.  And that’s not all, in each prize package Think Tank will be including additional surprise gifts.

So what are you waiting for?!?  Head on over to TTP and check out their stuff.  Like them on Facebook, and Follow them on Twitter!