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Looking to purchase photos that I have taken at a recent event you've attended?  Photos can be purchased securely from my SmugMug Site.  All images can be printed on high quality photo paper, and more details can be found by following the above-mentioned link!

Is your gallery missing from the site? Are there photos you were hoping to purchase, but don't see up there? Just send me a message using the contact form above and I'll be happy to put some up there!

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A Beautiful Day for Street Photography


It's been awhile since I've blogged about...well...anything, but things have been pretty busy as of late.  Zach Egolf Photography has had a string of shoots (like this one), while Zach Egolf the person has been all over God's green Earth visiting friends and family.  On top of that, I recently took part in another great photowalk, put on by The PhotoWalk Alliance.  We enjoyed a beautiful day in Washington D.C. and, while I could tell you more about it, it's probably just easier to check out Joe Sterne's latest blog post.  He does a lot better job of telling a story than I do!

So what AM I posting about?  Read on to find out more...

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A Great Deal from Think Tank Photo!

Just in time for Spring, Think Tank Photo announces a special offer on their popular StreetWalker™ backpacks.  When you buy one of Think Tank’s spacious and comfortable StreetWalker® Pro or StreetWalker® HardDrive backpacks by April 30, 2012, you will receive a padded Pro Speed Belt™ for free 

The Pro Speed Belt makes the StreetWalker backpacks even more comfortable and provides greater support for the weight on your back.   This padded belt also allows you to attach Think Tank’s modular bags to the belt line.  In doing so, you will have quick access to your lenses or accessories instead of having to take the backpack off to retrieve your camera gear. 

With Think Tank’s StreetWalker backpacks’ slim vertical profile, you can navigate crowded places while still being able to access professional photographic equipment.  The backpacks include a monopod/tripod mounting system, a contoured harness and air channel, and lots of pockets and organizers.  Women in particular will appreciate the StreetWalker’s very narrow and vertical profile, especially when combined with the shoulder harness design.

StreetWalker Pro – Holds most 400 f2.8 lenses with a pro size DSLR camera body attached or a pro size DSLR and 70-200 2.8 attached.  Lens hood can also remain attached in shooting position.  Bottom front pocket can be used to carry a tripod or monopod.  A pop out tripod cup is built in for carrying a larger tripod.   Removable seam-sealed rain cover included.

StreetWalker Harddrive

Holds most 15” laptops.   Carry a pro size DSLR and 70-200 2.8 attached with hood in position or a Nikon 400 f2.8 attached to a pro size DSLR body.  Bottom front pocket can be used to carry a tripod or monopod.  A pop out tripod cup is built in for carrying a larger tripod.  Removable seam-sealed rain cover included   

A New Venture


Today, on a bit of a whim, my wife and I decided to go visit friends of ours who just got a brand new, cute-as-a-button, lab puppy named Bodhi.  I took my camera along, thinking that it might be fun to get photos of a cute puppy.  I rarely get the chance to do that anymore, as our dog Dirk is as full grown as he's going to be, knows how to walk on all four paws, and has definitely lost that puppy enthusiasm that comes with being just a few weeks old.

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Next Round's On Me...

Just a quick update as the fermentation process continues.  Naturally, once my beer has completed the fermentation process, I'm going to have to store it somewhere.  Unfortunately, when the beer is finished in the fermenters, it's not quite ready for consumption.  The fermenter allows Carbon-dioxide to slowly leak out of the bucket (a byproduct of fermentation) but that's what makes the beer carbonated, right?  How, then, do we go from the mess you saw in my previous post to the delicious, slightly-carbonated beverage?  We bottle it and give the yeast a bit more food!

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Brewing Up A New Hobby

For Christmas, this year, I've become more and more interested in good beer.  There's a lot to be said about a beer that hasn't been "Triple Cold Brewed" in the mountains of Colorado.  Don't get me wrong; in a pinch I'll drink a few Coors Lights, but if I'm going to sit down and enjoy a beverage, I want to find a beer that, much like a good glass of wine, has had the heart of a brewer poured into it, ready to be imbibed.  As much as I love photography, and dedicate a decent amount of my life to it, over the past few months it has become more of a business venture for me and, as such, has removed itself from the "hobby" portion of my life.  The day that photography ceases to be fun is the day that I stop shooting, so don't get confused and think that I'm finished.  I just need something else to do.  With my own wedding having completed roughly six months ago, and the holidays finally winding down, the logical next step in my journey through man's oldest beverage was to make my own!

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