Micah and Amanda | Pasadena, MD Maternity Photographer


Little did my wife and I know that, a few short weeks after we tied the knot, close friends of ours would be graced with the future of a little bundle of joy.  Micah and Amanda have been friends of ours for a few years now, and it was with great pleasure that I accepted a request to shoot maternity photos for them.  With Amanda due around April, early February seemed like a great time for her to be photographed.  She wouldn't be too big that she would be uncomfortable, but big enough that she looked pregnant.  Let's be honest, who wants to be the subject of maternity shoot without actually looking pregnant?  The only downside to being pregnant when they were was that the weather just wasn't going to cooperate with an outside shoot.


Little did we know that nature was going to do us a solid and offer an odd warm spell in the very heart of winter.  Micah and Amanda had been doing lots of research, compiling photos exhibiting styles that they had hoped to achieve, and on a warmer-than-normal January morning, we struck out to the nicer parts of Pasadena to capture the splendor of a man and wife about to embark on one of life's greatest journeys.

We wandered around a scenic pier for a bit, playing with the lighting, and using some of the furniture and surrounding areas to stage some great shots.  You couldn't even tell that it was the dead of winter, and Micah and Amanda were great sports while trying to look warm.

From there we headed back to their house and took a lot more shots, using the baby's room as a staging area, finally finishing up with a few shots in front of a backdrop.  All in all it was a really great time and I was really happy with the results.  I hope that they're as happy as I am, and can't wait to see the addition to their family in just a few months.

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