A Beautiful Day for Street Photography


It's been awhile since I've blogged about...well...anything, but things have been pretty busy as of late.  Zach Egolf Photography has had a string of shoots (like this one), while Zach Egolf the person has been all over God's green Earth visiting friends and family.  On top of that, I recently took part in another great photowalk, put on by The PhotoWalk Alliance.  We enjoyed a beautiful day in Washington D.C. and, while I could tell you more about it, it's probably just easier to check out Joe Sterne's latest blog post.  He does a lot better job of telling a story than I do!

So what AM I posting about?  Read on to find out more...


One of the neater aspects of being in a city like Washington D.C. is the sheer number of people that are around and the vast opportunities that exist to "people watch" at just about every stop.  One aspect of photography that I've never really gotten the chance to enjoy has been the art of street photography.  Whether it be a result of me living in the suburbs, or of the fact that I'm not 100% comfortable with sneaking photos of people in public, I've never been the biggest fan of street photography.

On our photowalk, however, I happened to have my trusty Canon 70-200 and the thought that I wouldn't be back in D.C. for another couple of years, so I figured "Why the hell not?" and just started shooting.


It was a really neat experience, getting to shoot people acting naturally.  With the length I have on that lens, there was very little chance of me getting caught, which probably made it a bit easier.  It was also a little creepy, knowing that someone could probably be doing the same thing to me and I would be completely oblivious.  I would love to explore this new-found territory a bit more, and hope that future photowalks give me the chance to do so!  I'll post a few more at the end of this post, if you want to check them out.