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A Ghostly Photowalk // Fall 2011 Baltimore Photowalk

Recently The Photowalk Alliance took our second Photowalk.  For this walk, the Fall 2011 Photowalk, myself and Joe Sterne planned a private tour to Westminster Hall and the current burial site of Edgar Allen Poe.  This trip was different for us, in that we had made quite a few leaps and bounds since planning our previous walk.  For starters, this walk was our first official sponsored walk, with donations and assistance coming from the fine folks at both ThinkTank Photo and Black Rapid, makers of some of the finest accessories and equipment for photographers the world-over.

What did those fine folks do for us?  Funny you should ask.  You may recall a previous post where I reviewed the ThinkTank Digital Holster 50 v2.0.  At the time, I couldn't reveal the secret, but ThinkTank actually gave us that bag to give away at our walk.  We held a photo contest during the walk, and the winner was selected at 10pm on Sunday, November 20th.  The winner of the contest was the photo that looked the "creepiest" and was selected by members of TPA.  The winner of the bag was Christine Sullivan, with the following photo:

Christine is a local photographer in the Maryland area, and we're pretty sure she managed to capture a ghost in this image!

The image definitely fit in with the entire ambiance of the trip.  The tour guide gave us some great ghost stories, and I don't think there was a single hair in the house that wasn't standing on end, and not a single person just a tiny bit creeped out.

Our other sponser, Black Rapid, was also kind enough to give us an item to give away at our walk.  For this particular item we drew names out of a hat, and gave away a Black Rapid RS Sport strap.  I personally love the Black Rapid line of straps (and have raved about them just about every chance that I get) and I think we were able to sell a few to some of our fellow walkers!


I think everybody had a lot of fun (I hope) and I'm really looking forward to our next walk.  If you're interested in joining us on any of our future walks, make sure to hit up our facebook page.  We try our best to keep our costs down and our fun up, so make sure you get on the list for the next one!

If you were at the walk, feel free to leave a comment on this post telling everyone about your experience, and enjoy some more photos from our walk after this post!

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The Great Baltimore Photowalk 2011

I recently got the chance to participate in a Photowalk.  For those of you that aren't familiar with the term, a Photowalk is a group event where you get together with other photographers, be they amateur, pro, iPhoners, Androiders, Point-and-shooters or even just assistants, and you walk around an area and take photos.

Seems simple enough, right?  Taking photos is really just the surface of a photowalk, however, and there is a lot more to the event.

Our particular photowalk took place in the Inner Harbor area of the city of Baltimore.  We started near Pier V and made our way past the Convention Center, finally ending at Baltimore's baseball field, Camden Yards.  We also got very lucky to be in the city during Otakon, which provided us with some excellent "characters" to shoot.

So what was it, about the idea of a photowalk, that makes it so appealing to all walks of photographers?


  • For the ametuer photographer, there's a good chance that there will be a pro, or semi-pro in the group that is willing to offer advice and answer questions about all of the different aspects of photography.  We were lucky enough to have quite a few photographers who had, at the very least, dabbled in some of the various aspects of professional photography, and those photographers were lucky enough to have people who were willing to listen to them ramble on!
  • For the semi-pro and pro photographers, the photowalk can give them a chance to try out equipment that they might not own, or might not get a chance to use very often.  Whether it be a macro lens, or a different type of camera body; a different brand or even a different style of camera, the photowalk can provide plenty of opportunity to embrace one's inner-child, and play with some new toys!


Most important of all was the bringing together of like-minded people who shared one common goal: Enjoy the fine art of photography and maybe even learn a little something!

I'm including a brief slideshow of some of the finer shots that I took at the walk at the end of this thread.  Feel free to take a look at them there, or at our Flickr Group where many of the other photographers are posting their shots!